Entrepreneurs come up with cool merchandise on 420 day

The ‘high’est day to celebrate is back again…..420 day.

As legalisation efforts are ongoing in several countries, entrepreneurs are flooding the market with colourful bongs,weed grinders, chillums and vaporizers.

Bug Shaped Weed Grinder

bugThe pot Grinder which looks like a  bud bug out of an animated cartoon is the perfect mate which you need after getting high. You can crush your weed in this Budbug grinder and after smoking the joint, you can visually trip on these bug.

Roll uh Bowl

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_93qh2sghwjk088kwg4ccc440g_640Everybody loves a perfect bong shot. But, Bongs are too bulky or fragile and this make it difficult to carry it to parties and outdoors. The Roll Uh Bowl is super flexible You can easily roll up the bong in to your pouch and carry it to where ever you likes.

Jane’s Brew


What about sipping hot tea/coffee and getting high instead of the usual scene of smoking up?. Jane’s Brew puts the THC in tea/ coffee and comes in different flavours. Now, drink a tea to get high!!

Solar Powered Vaporizer

weekenderThe Weekender is a solar-powered vaporizer, allowing you to get hits without having to be on any kind of grid. With this cool device, smoke where ever as you wish. The  Solar vaporizer will never ever run out of charge.