Chief Justice TS Thakur breaks down, says faith in Judiciary at an all-time low



The Chief Justice of India T. S. Thakur broke down at the inauguration of a joint conference of chief ministers and chief justices of high courts, which was also attended by PM Narendra Modi. He said the number of cases that were piling up was huge and that there were not enough judges to hear cases. He believes that the number of judges need to be doubled from the existing 21,000 to help decrease some of the pressure and that the executive was not cooperating in this matter.

He lamented at the inaction on the part of the executive and that he believes is the root of the problem. “It is not only in the name of a litigant or people languishing in jails but also in the name of development of the country, its progress that I beseech you to rise to the occasion and realise that it is not enough to criticise. You cannot shift the entire burden on the judiciary,” the CJI reportedly said.

Justice Thakur while expressing his angst at the overworked judiciary system also pointed out that  the reason common man’s faith in the justice system was at an all-time low is because of this reason. The common man is looking for speedy justice while the pressure on the judicial system does not allow the cases to be wrapped up at the expected time.

Currently, the judge to people ratio stands at 15 judges to 10 lakh people which is way lower than it is in the US, Australia, the UK and Canada while the Law Commission had recommended an increase in the number of judges to 50 judges per 10 lakh people in 1987. The population has grown drastically since then however there has been no change in the number of judges.

PM Modi gave his assurance that his government will work with the judiciary to find a solution to the current problem.