China’s ‘Dangerous Love’ warns women of foreign spies

47ebd2ea-fc80-11e5-b0dd-7b74aaaf255c_1280x720Titled Dangerous Love,China launched a Campaign to warn people the danger of trusting handsome foriegners who might have secret agendas.

The propoganda Cartoon tells the story of a young Chinese civil servant Little Li, who meets a red -headed man David at a Dinner party.

As David woos her with compliments, gifts and a romantic date in park, Li falls for him and finally gives David secret internal files from her government office.Finally both of them are arrested.

The final poster depicts Li sitting handcuffed in an interrogation room with a crying face.

“‘You are a state employee, yet your ability to keep secrets is concerning. You are suspected of violating our nation’s laws,” a police officer says to Li.7341000-3x2-940x627

The Poster Campaign was launched in Beijing district as a part of China’s National Security Education Day program.

Chinese State Secret law is notably very broad ranging from Industry datas to exact birth date of State leaders.

China had a history of frequently running propoganda and public awareness campaigns. Recently , China had launched the The ‘Sesame Credit’ campaign to gamify the obedience to state .

Chinese media and netizens largely ignored the Dangerous Love campaign.