Coachella 2016 : Kesha’s appearance delighted fans


Singer Kesha, formerly Ke$ha, delighted her fans at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with a surprise appearance.

The 29-year-old — who has seen her music career stalled after a court recently ruled she cannot be released from her contract with producer Dr. Luke, despite her claims he sexually assaulted her — joined DJ Zedd during his set for a performance, reports mirror.co.uk.

Although Kesha did not address the crowd, fans were thrilled to see her back on stage.

The pair had earlier hinted at the surprise performance on Instagram.

“Tonight has a magic to it. Here we come. Four hours and counting… (sic),” she wrote, while Zedd added: “Coachella. Saturday. 9:30 p.m. Don’t miss this. I have something big planned. Be there or stream it”.

Musicians from the worldwide united there to make a massive performance for the crowd. Coachella stand for its own uniqueness and style attached delivery.

2016’s  festival thrills  took inspiration from Coachella festivals past and added in a few futuristic dimensions, emerging into an enigmatic, redefined taste all its own.

Cochella has been trending on digital media platforms and making trends all over the world. Instgram section of Coachella making the perfect style statements people have not seen for years.

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