Delhi Zoo aiming to make a Butterfly park, while staffs complaining about facilities


Home to over 1,300 animals and birds, the National Zoological Park in Delhi is gearing up to bring significant changes, including through plantation of more exotic trees and construction of a butterfly park.

Famously known as Delhi Zoo, is planning about charted out to make the area look more like a forest.
Plan is to revamp the place and  keep over 2,000 animals as well as accommodate 200 species. At present Zoo have 106 species of animals. And also planning  to build an aquarium.

Meanwhile, certain cages are planned to be shifted by the year end to make space for a butterfly park.

Apart from this, Zoo curators are  planning to make a butterfly park . This can prove to be one of the main attraction factors for children. But the allocation of space for such a park will be reviewed in some time. For the mission of making Zoo more like a Jungle,  planting exotic plants and fruit plants too.

Since the past few years, basic changes have been brought in the park such as instillation of water coolers for visitors and reconstruction of paths and roads.

But some of the caretakers complained that before implementation of the master plan, basic requirements need to be addressed at the zoo.

The caretaker said that, ‘Here at the zoo we don’t have any giraffes. We had three of them a couple of years ago but they all died. Since then no efforts have been made to bring any more giraffes. We also don’t have any zebras.
zoo has only one female rhinoceros and one female chimpanzee. Both the enclosures do not have any male animals”

“There are only 50 permanent staff members here. Rest are all contract workers. The zoo stopped hiring permanent staff a long time ago. It becomes difficult for us to monitor the park since each cage/enclosure requires minimum two caretakers,” another zoo staff member said.