Donald Trump pokes fun at Indian call centres, says jobs stolen from USA

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donald trump pokes fun at indian

Republican front runner in primary Donald Trump has made fun of Indian call centres.

Republican presidential candidate front runner business tycoon Donald Trump poked fun at Indian call centres, saying that these were stealing American jobs. He criticised American leaders saying: “You can’t allow policies that allows China, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, India to take business out of the United States like candy from a baby.” He added that countries like India were making a lot of money  through outsourcing of jobs by American companies. He said he was angry at the leaders to have allowed it.

Donal Trump was addressing his supporters in Delaware which is a hub for the America’s banking and credit-card industry. He told his supporters how he called his credit card company to find out whether their customer support services were based in USA or abroad. He said he used a fake Indian accent and mocked a call centre executive in India, asking him where he was from.

Trump revealed that the voice from the other end of the call replied he was from India. “Our jobs are being taken. We are losing at every front. There is nothing good. Our country does not win anymore. The jobs are being stripped. Factories are closing. We are not going to let this happen anymore,” he reportedly said while addressing his supporters.

After facing a lot of criticism in American media over his views, he is said to have promised to change his image in a meeting behind closed doors with the Republican party leaders. Donald Trump is said to be leading against primary rivals in the candidature race.  However, what works in his favour are his views on social issues like gender, marriage and LGBT community. Republican candidates in the past have gone out of their way to project themselves as conservatives on such issues. This sets him apart from any other candidate in the contest to become US president in the Republican primary.