Don’t give bribe openly, wrap it properly: MLA tells businessman


Even as Trinamool Congress is at pains to prove that the bribe its leaders and lawmakers seen as accepting in Narada News X Files sting video was a “donation,” a party leader is seen on camera advising the journalist on how to pack and present the cash.

Iqbal Ahmed, the MLA from Khanakul constituency advises Mathew Samuel , the editor-in-chief of Narada News, posing as a businessman, to wrap the cash before giving it to his colleagues.

He says its not appropriate to hand over cash so openly in these times. Ahmed tries to explain in detail how to pack the cash and present it in between a paper file. He says handing over and taking cash openly may not be acceptable to many of the recipients.

Ahmed who is also the Deputy Mayor of Kolkata had introduced Samuel to most leaders. He is also seen asking Samuel, whether he has not given cash to several TMC leaders and party MPs.

This sting video released on 14 March again disproves Trinamool Congress defence that the cash taken by its leaders were “donations” to the party.

In the continuing flip-flop, Bengal’s ruling party has been trying to cover up for the excesses of its leaders and lawmakers. The immediate reaction of the TMC was that Narada’s sting video was “doctored.”

Then the party attributed political motive behind the timing of the release of the video. After that the TMC announced that it is conducting an internal inquiry into the matter.

When that failed to work, chief minister and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee said if the video had been rolled out earlier, she would not have given party tickets to those candidates who were caught on camera accepting the bribes.

Hearing three public interest litigation (PIL), the Calcutta High Court had asked Narada News to submit the original footage and the device used to record the sting video.

Samuel handed over the material to the court appointed panel last week.