We are more than equal, MPs want exemption from odd-even

odd even policy

Rajya Sabha MPs cutting across treasury opposition benches want exemption from odd even policy.  The reason: it is preventing them from executing their duties as members of parliament. But Delhi government said MPs cant be exempted.

The issue was raised by Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agrawal when the house met post-lunch.

“Being an MP, it is our special privilege that we participate in the proceedings of the house,” Agrawal said.

“We get only one security pass, which is for one car. They (Delhi government) did not exempt the MPs (from the odd-even) on purpose to insult them,” he alleged.

Agrawal also said that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and member of the upper house Vijay Goel got a challan when he protested and had to pay a fine of Rs.3,500 instead of Rs.2,000.

“I don’t know why the central government is keeping quiet,” he added.

Congress leader Anand Sharma spoke up in support of the MP and said: “Parliament has reconvened today. Except for 10 members, all parliament members come from outside Delhi. Vehicles without security label cannot enter and parliament bus is not able to ferry all MPs. It (odd-even) is coming in the way of discharging their duties,” Sharma said.

“The house should decide when the house is sitting on how do members come? This issue needs to be addressed,” said Sharma.

Janata Dal-United (JD-U) member K.C. Tyagi said while the intention of the Delhi government is good, “they should exempt MPs”.

Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurien agreed and said: “It is the government’s duty to facilitate discharge of duties of parliament. This has become an inconvenience for MPs in discharging their duty.”

The deputy chairman also observed that it delayed some meetings.

Several parliamentarians ignored the odd even  rules, which, for a fortnight ending on Saturday, ban private cars on alternate days, based on whether their license plates end in odd or even numbers.

Delhi government arranged special buses for the MPs today. But many buses arrived empty.