Getty Images lodge EU complaint against Google for enabling photo piracy


Woes for Google seem to be growing in EU. Photo agency Getty Images has accused Google of enabling photo piracy and filed a formal complaint with EU antitrust commission. The agency has alleged that the search engine giant has misused its dominance in image search. Getty Images has also stated that as a result, its business is being hampered. Google has said it would look into the unfair competition complaint from Getty Images.

“The commission has received a complaint, which it will assess,” a European Commission spokeswoman told AFP.

Getty Images is the world’s largest photo agency. It has claimed that features of Google image search have resulted in a downward spiral in web traffic to its website as users can view images on Google services itself rather than having to log in to the Getty Image website. Also, the agency has accused that Google facilitates easy download of images which leads to accidental piracy. Getty said it was forced to file a complaint as Google did not cooperate with Getty over the issue during the last three years.

This issue with Getty is not the only concern for Google in EU where it is facing other substantial charges like the European Commission had earlier filed a new set of formal charges against Google last week for abusing its dominance with its Android mobile operating system to protect its search engine. The EU has also charged Google for allegedly skewing search results to favor its own shopping service.