Good news for cancer patients; now no need for radiation, operation and chemotherapy


woman-breast-cancerThere is good news for cancer patients. Radiation , chemotherapy and mascectomy can be avoided now in the case of breast cancer in which the tumour cells can be destroyed by freezing them so that the tissue is not completely destroyed or damage.

Breasts have a very long significance not only in the life of a woman but man as well as far as pride is concerned. They are the most adorned part of a woman’s body and losing it is just equal to a threat to her living as well. The physical pain and the mental agony that she goes through while the adorable part of her body is removed in surgery is really unimaginable.
In this scenario, the cryoablation technique that was already present 25 years ago was practically used by the Israeli start up IceCure Medical and can be considered as a boon to all women.
IceCure was started up Dr.Alex Levin and businessman Didier Toubia in 2006. Dr. Alex Levin is a physicist who had moved to Israel from Russia.
The current CEO of IceCure has told Haaretz ,’The other companies have technology as old as 25 years old . The old technology is large and clunky and can be confined to operating theatres. The latest system that is used by IceCure that is IceSense 3 which is minimally invasive and is very compact and can be used from any office. The other advantage is that a surgeon is not needed to conduct the procedure. on the other hand a gynaecologist or radiologist can do the procedure with the help of ultrasound.
The freezing of the tumour cells is done with the help of a slim probe that is connected to a closed system that contains liquid nitrogen at -170 degree celcius. In no ways does the liquid nitrogen get in touch with the tissue , rather the extreme cold temperature at the end of the probe changes the tissue into a frozen ball thus damaging or destryoing it. Another advantage of the procedure is that it does not need a general anaesthesia instead a local one is enough and the recovery time is also very less as there is no surgery.
This procedure is found to be very useful to treat small tumours that are detected at an early stage. It may take 7 minutes to destroy a benign tumour where as 15 minutes for a malignant one. It has got FDA approval by the US and CE mark from the Europe as well.