Heavy temperature stealing the thunder from Banglore


After the hottest March, situation goes worse with April also by harshest summer after decades. The so called chilled out Indian Silicon valley people are tired of above 40 temperature and preparing for the worst days to come.

Garden city, the vacation spot of down south now losing its ‘always winter fashion’ charm, and people are going crazy because of it.

Experts are saying, Because of the absence of the easterly waves activity in the pre-monsoon season, there is no moisture and formation of clouds; this is resulting in harsh summers in north Karnataka. And also, March end could see temperatures going more than this.

And the state government has already declared the drought situation in 136 Taluks.  Other parts of the state already crossed 40 plus temperature and suffering with an unbearable heat.

This has become a season to burn for all bangloreans. Garden city is suffering from the attack of dust as well.  This became a problem for all commuters who use two wheeler, and using helmet has became nightmare to all.

If the situation goes like this, there will be a sure case of sunburn and allergy problems in coming months. People started to buy Air conditioner to resist the heat in ‘air conditioned city’.

Liquid diet may sounds so fashion, but there people are in a need of having liquid diet or eating fruits rather than their regular food.

Talking about planting more trees are going on as a ritual, same time Banglore is pitching more real estate plans and trying to become more technically sound ‘concrete jungle’

So to survive in this scenario, people have to be prepared well to avoid dehydration, or else A/C rooms will be the only comfort zone that one can in a city like Banglore and to have a serious talk about ‘global warming’.