IRCTC dumps Captcha and adopts Simpli5d



Known to be India’s largest e-commerce website with more than 1 million transactions per day, IRCTC has stopped using the Captcha technology and  entered into an exclusive partnership with Simpli5d Technologies, a digital advertising and audience Intelligence company. Through this new partnership, now IRCTC will not only be able to boost its security, but earn advertising revenue as well.

How Simpli5d works is that it verifies whether a human is accessing or a malicious software. It does this by displaying images and videos that need to identified by the user before accessing. These images and videos happen to be ads through which the publisher can earn revenue as well.

Simpli5d’s NLP Captcha is an audience intelligence platform that replaces the tradition captchas with advertiser driven content.

This presents a unique opportunity for the brands to engage with the unique and premium audience of IRCTC.

The partnership gives Simpli5d Technologies sole monetisation rights for the entire captcha inventory on the IRCTC platform.

Simpli5d was founded in 2012 by Amit Mittal and Sidharth Oswal and is the pioneer in digital antifraud technology. Their patent pending technology NLP Captcha provides a formidable layer of security to ad campaigns. Along with India, today the company reaches over Europe, South East Asia and has received M.S.Dhoni as their brand ambassador.

Simpli5d Technologies is backed by YourNest Angel Fund, Dheeraj Jain of Redcliffe Capital and Udaan Angel Partners.