Jihadi blog calls for Bangladesh model attack on Kerala rationalists

Jihad Blog front pageAn anonymous blogger has called for a jihad or holy war against the non-Muslims in Kerala. In a post titled  ‘the Indian Muslims who denied the glory of Jihad’, the blogger criticises moderate Muslims for being compromised with the Indian democracy. The blog in Malayalam titled ‘Muhajirun’  has also published a list of rationalists who have to be targeted as part of the jihad.

Those named in the blog post are administrators of a Malayalam Facebook group ‘Freethinkers’. The online community discusses different topics like religion, science, politics, culture, and arts. They were also the organisers of the controversial event ‘Kiss of Love’ as a protest against the moral and cultural policing in 2014. Freethinkers group and its activists have been  criticised by both Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists  for their views on religious fundamentalism.


‘Muhajirun’s’ controversial post starts by citing Islamic scriptures which glorifies the holy war against non-Muslims. The authenticty of the  scriptures quoted by the blogger have been disputed by several Islamic scholars. However the blogger advocates violence against non-Muslims in a devious way through his own interpretations.

img_2199Blog also criticizes another fundamental Muslim organization ‘Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’ for their moderate positions on religion. The post also condemns ‘Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’ and several other Muslim organizations for betraying Islam and being subservient to the Constitution of India. Democracy is not ‘Islamic’, according to the blogger.

The blog tries to dwell upon the activities of Hindu right wing organizations such as RSS. Identity and existence of Indian Muslims are under threat because of the activities of  Sangh Parivar, according to the Blogger. He explains how the Indian Muslims failed to convey this to the Muslim world outside India.

Screenshot_13Blogger depicts all kind of criticism towards Islam as an insult to the Prophet and religion. Freethinkers group is listed as the prime enemy of them in Kerala. Blogger calls for the murder of people behind the rational group, as part of Jihad. The list includes E A Jabbar, a popular veteran rationalist activist from Kerala. Blogger advises all Muslims to act against the rationalists, in a provocative way and reminds about the after-death benefits awaiting Jihadis who kill non-believers.

The post comes at a time when there are unconfirmed reports that IS supporters are  trying to spread their ideology  and recruit volunteers through Facebook communities in Kerala .

‘We stood our ground when religious extremists brutally mowed down secular and rationalist  bloggers in Bangladesh. We didn’t flinch when Govind Pansare ,Narendra Dabolkar and MM Kalburgi were killed by the Hindu extremists. We will step up this resistance against religious fundamentalism and all its atrocities, and will fight for a scientifically enlightened India.  As long as free thinking exist, our group will too’, Majish Chacko, an administrator of the Freethinker online group told Narada News.

‘We trust the criminal justice system of India will bring the perpetrators of hate, to justice’ Arham Muhammed, another administrator of the group said.

Bangladesh has witnessed a series of targeted attacks on  liberals and rationalist bloggers in the past two years. Islamic fundamentalists have claimed responsibility of most of these murders.

Rezaul Karim Siddique, a  58 year old English professor was stabbed to death while waiting for a bus last week in the country’s north western city of Rajshahi. Three days later Xulhaz Mannan, a gay rights activist  and his friend was hacked to death in an apartment in capital Dhaka. Mannan who worked for an American aid agency was also the editor of the country’s first magazine for gay and transgenders.