Latest animated video of Titanic sink in real time is out


The animated  shows the whole 2 hours and 40 minutes of the slow-moving disaster, from the starboard-side collision with the iceberg to the ship’s noisy breakup as it sinks beneath the waves. We were all bit our nails while watching those screens in movies long back.

Now with this latest virtual reality technique and stimulation method, they made a the whole feel of that great collapse into frame again. A group of game developing team made the video.

http://www.titanichg.com/ is the team who are behind this incredible video of real time presentation. This site’s section recites the entire story happened about the video and the great Titanic. It goes like

‘Explore a complete and fully interactive recreation of the most famous ship in history. Venture through the corridors of first, second, and third class, meander down the Grand Staircase, walk through the Reception Room, sneak through the galleys, dive into the pool, climb the fourth funnel, snoop about the crew quarters and engine rooms, wander the open decks in the frigid sea air, and lose yourself within the maze of Titanic’s hundreds of rooms and winding corridors’

“When Titanic collides with an iceberg in the middle of the North Atlantic, the player must race the rising waters to complete the mystery, prove his innocence, and, most importantly…. survive,” the website said.

The aim was to recreate the world of 1912, educate players and memorialise the victims and survivors of the sinking.
The makers defended the project against suggestions it could be in bad taste.

“Our core team is made up almost exclusively of people who have grown up appreciating the disaster, respecting those who were lost, and simply want to see all of that brought back to life, even if only digitally,” the website said.

“Our consultants are on hand to make sure we get this done right, and we are even bringing descendants of survivors and victims to make sure those on board are accurately represented and properly memorialised.”