Leaders not Modi fans, but unlikely to join Nitish’s anti- Sangh bangdwagon

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar has himself taken the responsibility of uniting the opposition parties to make India ‘Sangh Mukth’. Congress,...

Leaders not Modi fans, but unlikely to join Nitish’s anti- Sangh bangdwagon


Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar has himself taken the responsibility of uniting the opposition parties to make India ‘Sangh Mukth’. Congress, dumbfounded by BJP campaign of 'congress mukth bharat' during the last Lok Sabha election, took no time to jump into the anti- Sangh bandwagon. But the question arises is whether can Nitish do a Jayaprakash Narayan or a V P Singh? The question will be answered to a great extent in Uttar Pradesh when the state goes to poll next year. But assuaging the compulsions that various political parties are in , many regional satraps may this time abstain from going along with Nitish. But they love to see a nation without sangh, how much utopian it may seem now. Here are some of the parties which wish to fight their own battle.

Mulayam Singh


Mulayam Singh like his bête-norie Mayawati is unpredictable. Though coming from Lohite socialist school like Nitish and Lalu,Mulayam Singh is always skeptical of the leaders who are on the same of the ideological divide. With Uttar Pradesh going to poll next year, and on the face an anti- incumbency wave Mulayam’s political options are not much. He has refused to be part of a Janata Parivar when the idea was mooted by Nitish and Lalu before the Bihar election. His next act may depend on Mayawati’s political moves. She has so far kept her political strategies close to her chest. Since there are indications from Uttar Pradesh that the main beneficiary of anti-incumbency will be Mayawati she may not opt for any kind of political alliances in the state. At that time would Mulayam be tempted to have a political understanding with the BJP ? Even if that is not going to happen Mulayam who nurtures a dream of becoming a prime minister one day, in all probability won’t play to the tunes set by Nitish and Lalu



The leader who is rightly considered to be the icon of the dalit political assertion, Mayawati  is the one who is not ready to be bogged down by the compulsions of ideology. Winning elections and not friends is her political mantra. After the last lok sabha election she is solely concentrating on next year's UP assembly election. Winning this time is very important  for  her. She will have to take on two major political parties- the SP and BJP. At the national level till now she has not cared to have a political alliance. Going by the current political scene she may not break that tradation . For her and her party which strives for dalit empowerment, the logic put forward by even OBC leaders like Nitish and Lalu may not be acceptable

Mamata Banerjee


The leader who perfected the art of CPIM in intimidating opponents, is also known for pragmatic approach in politics, an euphemism for political opportunism. She has aligned with all most all political parties except the Left. She has the rare distinction of the member of NDA and UPA cabinet. She fought with Congress in last Assembly election which signalled the fall the CPIM in West Bengal and at the national level. Having took on successfully one of the most organised political cadre party –that CPIM is, Mamata if she retains power, will definitely place her as the most vehement opponent of the Modi and BJP. Having shown all the characteristic of an autocratic leader, it will be a miracle if she joins Nitish as the second in line for a nation 'free of Sangh'

Sitaram Yechury


Unlike the above three, the charismatic left leader's reason for not joining the Nitish front, is going to be political and ideological. Having took the reins of the CPIM at a time when the main stream left politics is fighting for battle for survival, the tactics and strategies he put forward will have a tremendous impact on the left politics in the country. The Party has decided not to have electoral alliances with non left parties in the last Congress held in Vishakapattanam. The effort, the party congress directed the leadership, should be to enhance the independent strength of the party. Though the party has circumvented this direction in the ongoing poll in West Bengal, there is a little chance for CPIM to join a front as an alliance partner, led by non left parties. Though CPIM will continue to be the ideological torch bearer for the Sangh mukth bharat project



Another politician of significance who is running a political party at her will without espousing her to any kind of ideology is Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa. Known for her close political proximity with prime minister Narendra Modi, Jayalalitha going by her past deeds, won’t be part of an alliance which she is not leading, especially when that alliance is led by regional leaders. Moreover she needs the tacit support of the BJP government to face corruption cases she is facing.