Movie review: Malayalam film Leela opens in theatres and online world today

Leela malayalam movie review

Malayalam movie Leela, directed by Ranjith, is deep and has elements of dark comedy within it. Based on the short story by R. Unni, Biju Menon, the protagonist has given an emotional, satirical and ethical light on society. Following is the film review….

A simple story of an ordinary man who being born to rich parents, spends all his money to his manias.

As all people have some or the other obsessions, Kuttiyappan (Biju Menon) has a fetish for elephants. The camera has been handled frame by frame, taking it slow, giving it time to sink into the minds of the people.

A comical journey of a man (Biju Menon), accompanied by his friend, Vijayaraghavan in search of a life partner.

The movie scenes was made from the richness of lush greenery of  to the natural elements of nature.

Leela played by Parvathy Nambiar has just a dialogue to deliver through the entire movie sequence. She mainly expresses her thoughts through her eyes. She could very well communicate with the audience the ordeals she went through in her daily life.

Each character had equal importance in the story as without the existence of one character the story could not be linked to be taken forward.

The director wanted to enable Malayalam movie lovers worldwide to watch the movie at the same time people in the homeland viewed it at the theatres. “During my travels abroad, my friends often complain about how difficult it is to watch a Malayalam film. There are constraints of space, time and convenience. An online release, I believe, is the answer to all such issues. It is true that cinema is best experienced in a theatre but an intimate film like Leela can be easily enjoyed at home too,” says Ranjith.

Apart from this the producers association restricted the release of movie and tried to oppose the director also. So the team came up with the online release strategy.

The movie  premiered online on the website, www.reelax.in. The audience who would love to watch the movie can purchase it online by paying RS.500 and have to watch it within a week. Once the movie has been played, the user should make sure to view it within 24 hours or the movie will be expired.

Closely viewing the rise in the views of the trailer, the movie can be tagged to be another hit buster from Ranjith.