Mamta mocks the Opposition over repetitive complaints to EC

mamta banerjee


Mamta Banerjee, West Bengal Chief Minister mocked the Opposition for repeatedly running to the Election Commission with complaints and allegations of electoral fraud, Mamata said polls cannot be won through such haste means.

She said the CPI-M, Congress and BJP will understand this once the results of the assembly polls are out by May 19.

“Elections cannot be won by rigging and complaining. The CPI-M, Congress and BJP will understand this after the Bengal election results,” Mamta said at an election rally in Murshidabad.

The Trinamool Congress head argued that the first phase of the election was a vote against the Congress, CPI-M and BJP as the assembly polls in 18 constituencies saw huge crowds of voters.

On the CPI-M and Congress tie-up, Banerjee said that the Marxist leaders were “rudderless without Congress support”, closely observing the CPI(M) and Congress coalition.

“The CPI-M and the Congress are two sides of the same coin in Bengal,” Mamta said.

Shooting repetitive words of mockery at BJP, she repeated over and again that the party was trying to create a wave between communities in the state.

“The Congress and the CPI-M are like neem leaves, very bitter. The BJP is like a thorn that pricks,” she added.