Man challenges same-sex marriage by trying to marry his Macbook

chris-sevierChris Sevier has filed a law suit against Texas State for not letting him to marry his Macbook.

By his twisted logic, he claimed that marrying an inanimate machine is similar to same-sex couple’s right to get hitched.

‘The state is not doing anyone any favours by encouraging people to live that lifestyle. We have to define marriage.The question is, should we have policies that encourage that kind of lifestyle?’ he told the Houson Press.

He also added that the law suite is not a matter of who is on the right side of history . But, its about who is on the right side of reality.

Responding to this lawsuit, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton states “The right to marry one’s computer is not an interest, objectively, deeply rooted in the nation’s history and tradition such that it qualifies as a protected interest”.

He even claimed that he had fallen in deep love with his computer which is full of porn and was therefore more sexually satisfying than a human relationship.

This is not the first time Chris has tried to tie the knot with his  Computer. In 2014, he filed a similar lawsuit in which he argues that if gay people are allowed to marry, then he must be allowed to marry his laptop.