Mend your ways, or will divide you into four: Subramanian swamy to Pakistan

Subramanian Swamy


Subramanian Swamy, the controversial BJP leader took oath as Rajya Sabha member today is known for his chauvinist views . A politician without any mass appeal Swamy manages to be in the front pages of the news papers by his controversial statements. Some consider many of his comments on Indian polity as vitriolic aimed at a particular community. Last day he was at his best when he addressed the students of Lovely Professional University.

Claiming he is talking his party’s agenda on Pakistan, what Swamy told the students will surely make India pathetic in International forums. According to Hindustan times report Subramanian Swamy said that “ India is making strategy to divide Pakistan into four, if the neighbor did not mend its ways” He went on add “tomorrow my party may call it as my personal opinion but we are all working on it”. In fact he is divulging a ‘plan’ to destablise a nation with which India is having diplomatic relations. If this kind of statement s are made by any other citizen, that would surely merit a legal action.

In the interaction with the students he tried to evoke the Sikh sentiments by arguing the case of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Sikh separatist leader who was killed during the operation Blue star at the Golden Temple in 1984. He claimed that he was defeated in the election after blue star operation just because he refused to call Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale  a terrorsit.
His argument is the Operation Blue star was carried out by late Indira Gandhi at the behest of the erstwhile Soviet Union

Subramanian Swamy’s inconsistency in positions was best expressed last day. The way he defended the government first for granting Visa to Uygur activist Dolkun Isa, and then for suspending that after China protested, speaks volumes about seriousness he gives while making comment on issues of national importance. In the first tweet he welcomed the government decision granting visa to Dolukn Isa. In that tweet he termed him as Uygur activist. Then government made a u turn he changed his stand and welcome that also, this time calling Dolukn Isa a separatist! But now it seems that he removed the first tweet.

His comment after dalit scholar has committed suicide, saying that those who strike are dogs, created lot of furore.