Mitsubishi Motors office stormed


Japanese officials have raided an office of Mitsubishi Motors following the revelation that the carmaker had falsified its fuel economy data. Mitsubishi has admitted that employees altered data to flatter mileage rates on more than six lakh vehicles.

A government spokesman said they were treating it as an extremely serious case and that it had ordered the company to submit a full report. The raided office is the company’s second largest plant in Japan and is a manufacturing hub as well as a research facility.

The authorities have set 27 April as the deadline for Mitsubishi Motors to hand over the report on the inaccurate testing.

“Based on [the findings from] the raid, and a report from the company, we would like to reveal the extent of the inaccuracies as soon as possible,” said Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan.

He also added, “We will deal with the situation in a strict manner and would like to make sure of the safety of cars.”

The raided office is Mitsubishi’s second largest factory in the country along with it being a research ground for the company.