Narada News impact: Government investigating Rajiv Shukla's role in IPL money laundering

[caption id='attachment_275214' align='aligncenter' width='640'] IPL chief Rajiv Shukla's role is being investigated in money laundering by ED....

Narada News impact: Government investigating Rajiv Shukla

[caption id="attachment_275214" align="aligncenter" width="640"]rajiv-shukla money laundering IPL chief Rajiv Shukla's role is being investigated in money laundering by ED. (Photo: IANS)[/caption]

After Narada News revealed how IPL chief Rajiv Shukla was involved in money laundering, government agencies, including the Enforcement Directorate, have sprung into action. Documents in the possession of Narada News suggest that Rajiv Shukla redirected siphoned off IPL match fixing money to his various firms showing them as investments. Reports suggest that agencies are now investigating possibility of money laundering involving several hundred crore rupees, allegedly by companies promoted by or linked to former Union minister and IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla and his wife Anuradha Prasad as shown by documents in out possession.

To see the documents, read the Narada News article below:

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A probe has also been ordered into the investments of more than Rs 56 crore through the Mauritius route in BAG Films and Media Limited, the flagship company owned by Shukla and his wife.

[caption id="attachment_275218" align="aligncenter" width="680"]Shah-Rukh-Khan-money laundering Bollywood star and owner of Kolkata Knight Riders Shah Rukh Khan owns equity in one of Rajiv Shukla's firms.[/caption]

The firms being investigated include B.A.G. Films and Media Ltd., News24 Broadcast India Limited (formerly known as B.A.G. Newsline Network Limited), E24 Glamour Ltd. (formerly known as B.A.G. Glamour Pvt. Ltd.) and ARVR Communication Private Limited (formerly known as Anu Films and Communications Private Limited.
The documents show that owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan is an investor in B.A.G. Films and Media. Shah Rukh's wife Gauri Khan has invested in E24 Glamour Ltd.

The documents show that investments were made at huge premiums contrary to the financial condition of the companies. During the periods, the companies had reported either substantial losses or very nominal profits.

Narada News tried to get Rajiv Shukla's version on the issue but he refused to respond. Also, former Delhi police commissioner was also called to question him about his role in aiding Rajiv Shukla but he did not respond to our queries.