Narada News X Files sting operation: Syed M H Mirza reveals Madan Mitra’s role in Piyali Mukherjee suicide

syed mh mirza
syed mh mirza

Senior police officer Syed MH Mirza reveals TMC leader Madan Mitra’s role in Piyali Mukherjee’s suicide.

After much speculation over the authenticity of tapes, Narada News has decided to publish the unedited version of the X Files Sting operation footage. The third video footage in the series features Senior police official Syed MH Mirza. Mirza was among the officers whose transfer by the Election Commission ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections was opposed by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. During the undercover sting operation, he acknowledged that he is a key person who collects funds for the Trinamool Congress. He even claimed that he is the most trusted lieutenant of former railway minister Mukul Roy. During the course of interaction with the undercover Narada News journalist, editor in chief Mathew Samuel, who was posing as a representative of a fictitious company Impex Consultancy, Mirza made some damning revelations.

The senior police official was very forthcoming and ‘business friendly’. He cane be seen in the video stating that Mukul Roy does not take money and keep with him. “He says to go to Mirza and keep it there, I will take from him. He says its not safe to keep so much money with him.”

“Mukul Roy asked me to take it and keep it, he said ‘I will take it from you,'” he can be heard saying in the video.

To prove how influential he is, he tells Narada News that “Swapan Debnath became small scale and cottage minister just because of me.” He added that all these MLAs “touch my feet, do you know?”

“I used to arrange everything (political rallies for TMC),” Mirza claims adding : “Media people ko pakkad ke rakha hai (Media is in my control).”

When Narada News asked Mirza what would happen in the Sarada case investigation, he said: “Nothing is going to happen in Sarada. This is all just a gimmick.”

Mirza made some shocking revelations about TMC leader currently in jail for his role in the Sarada chit fund scam, Madan Mitra: “Madan Mitra is a big womaniser. He has many wives. He was involved with another lady, she committed suicide also (Piyali Mukherjee). She was pregnant. Piyali was a very beautiful lady.”

Mirza states on camera he has ruled Burdwan with the blessings of people (CM and TMC leaders).

“Mukul Roy is very frank with me when it comes to money matters. I had already arranged 60 before this,” revealed Mirza about his relationship with Mukul Roy.

Watch the unedited sting video to find out more: