Narada News X Files sting operation: TMC leader Firhad (Bobby) Hakim says MLAs are minting money

firhad bobby hakim
firhad bobby hakim

TMC urban development minister Firhad Bobby Hakim was caught on camera accepting bribe by Narada News.

After much speculation over the authenticity of tapes, Narada News has decided to publish the unedited version of the X Files Sting operation footage. The second video footage in the series features Firhad (Bobby) Hakim, Minister for Urban Development and the Minister for Municipal Affairs in the Government of West Bengal. This Trinamool Congress leader had a clean image before the Narada News sting exposed his true colors. He is seen in conversation with an aide  in Bengali in the video and nodding in agreement : “MLAs are minting money. Send me any tender, I will pass it asap. Just tell me what work you want to do. The MLAs have become greedy. For anything they need to get done, they will demand money.”

Earlier in the video he can be seen meeting some people who came to him seeking a favor. “I have spoken to the DM, you go and meet him. Job will be done.”

His associates fixed the meeting between undercover Narada News journalist, editor in chief Mathew Samuel, who was posing as the representative of a fictitious company, Impex International. The meeting was arranged to hand over the bribe money to Firhad ‘Bobby’ Hakim. Narada News met the TMC leader on the pretext of building a network before elections so that their companies could win tenders for development projects in the state of West Bengal.

When Narada News was handing over Rs 5 lac to Bobby Hakim, he refused to accept it hearing the amount. One of his associates can be heard in the background saying he is “the No. 2 guy of West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee”. His associate tries to explain to the undercover journalist that “Bobby Hakim is a big shot, he is very resourceful. He does only big jobs, not interested in small things (22:30).  Hakim can be heard saying in the video: “If I indulge in small things then what will the kids do?” He is attempting to tell the undercover journalist that a mere Rs 5 lac won’t do for him. To which his associate adds: “He does not even touch such small amounts.”

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