NARADA NEWS X FILES STING OPERATION: TMC politician Sultan Ahmed unedited sting video

sultan-ahmed sting
sultan-ahmed sting

Politician Sultan Ahmed of TMC caught accepting bribe on camera by Narada News.

There can be no end to greed…

This is what comes out vividly in this video. After much speculation over the authenticity of tapes, Narada News has decided to publish the unedited version of the X Files Sting operation footage. The eighth video footage in the series features TMC politician politician Sultan Ahmed (MP from Entally) who is seen asking for bribe from Narada News journalist posing as a business man in this unedited video footage of sting operation X Files.

Mathew Samuel, Editor-in-Chief of Narada News posing as a representative of a Chennai based company is seen in the video giving Ahmed Rs 5 lakhs.

As he is handing over cash, Samuel explains how difficult it was to arrange the cash-because of the holidays and the scrutiny due to the election. He tells Ahmed, that he is willing to give another Rs 5 lakhs if he requires. Ahmed willingly says yes, as he says expenses are very high during election.

After handing over money, Samuel reminds Ahmed he should do all their work. Ahmed promises all assistance, which includes issuing letter of recommendations, calling up people, and the  all important act of “lobbying”.

The sting video featuring Sultan Ahmed disproves TMC lawyer’s claim in Calcutta High Court that the money taken by TMC leaders and lawmakers was a donation and not bribes.

Ahmed willingly obliges Samuel and is seen calling up several TMC candidates who are campaigning. He tells former railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi that a Santosh from Chennai wants to help him, and will be in touch with him soon.

Similar calls are made to Prasoon Mukherjee (Howrah Sadar MP), doctor turned politician Kakoli Ghosh Dastigar (Barasat MP) and Aparupa Poddar (Arambagh MP) on Samuel’s request.

Ahmed turns down Samuel’s request to call TMC strongman Mukul Roy as he is not contesting. Ahmed says this is the time to help candidates as they need all the money now.

As the calls are being made, Samuel makes small talk with Ahmed by asking him, if he has ever visited Chennai. Ahmed tersely replies that he was the Minister of State for Tourism.

Ahmed also has a word of advice for Samuel, who boasts of  having worked with big business houses like Adani earlier. Ahmed says frequently changing jobs is not a good thing.

Towards the end of the sting video, Ahmed sees off Samuel with the instruction, that they should meet often.

Samuel promises to bring in overseas investment in West Bengal’s IT sector. He also promises to distribute free tablets to the under privilege in Ahmed’s constituency.

Watch the unedited X Files Sting operation video: