Abu Dhabi crown Prince stresses for more Gulf joint action

Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

At a time when Gulf countries are going through turbulent regional environment and rapidly changing global scenario, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has stressed for more Gulf joint action system.

Shaikh Mohammad said hence Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are shouldering great responsibilities so they are the key pillars in the ongoing developments happening in the Arab region and Middle East.

Shaikh Mohammad made these remarks on Thursday while addressing the GCC-US Summit being held in Riyadh.

Shaikh Mohammed said about the solidarity and the unity of GCC countries. He added this sent a clear message to the whole world that GCC countries are able to defend their interests.

Shaikh Mohammad pointed out that the “UAE’s stance on the entire events occurring in the Arab region and Middle East especially in Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Syria is based on clear priorities”. It includes maintaining the security and stability of the Arab countries and their peoples as well as countering terrorist groups.

“The Palestinians’ right to obtain all of their rights and the peace process will remain the central issue of Arab countries,” he added. He noted that realising a true peace in the Middle East will solve several problems caused by the Israeli occupation.

Stability and lasting peace in Palestine could bring only through international resolutions and the Arab peace initiatives, urged Sheikh Mohammad

Crown Prince lauded US President Barack Obama’s participation in the GCC-US and said his participation is a great opportunity to discuss GCC-US cooperation and exchange views on issues affecting security and stability in the region.  He said his presence in the summit helped to discuss about the mechanisms that could put an end to ongoing conflicts, wars and threats in the region.

Shaikh Mohammad pointed out that the Gulf-US relations are deep rooted based on mutual understanding and dialogue.

Shaikh Mohammad thanked Saudi Arabia for its influential role in enhancing Gulf joint action, and said the Saudis’ wise leadership represents a key pillar in the Arab and Islamic solidarity. He added that the UAE stands beside Saudi Arabia on all issues and would take targeted actions to save the region from “foreign ambitions”.