NIA proof satisfies the Pak probe team


The Pakistani investigation team (JIT), who visited India to look into the probe said that the evidences provided by Indian National Investigation(NIA) team was strong and legit enough to convince them that the terrorists were Pakistani nationals.

Sources also said the JIT, spend another day after the scheduled time of their scrutiny talking to eye-witness, including the Punjab police officer Salwinder Singh who was abducted and later released by the terrorists and looking through the evidences concluded that the attack originated from Pakistan.

“Yes, there is convergence on evidence we shared with them. Something which could not be denied. The convergence is on both sides, that is on their side as well. We gave them post mortem reports and DNA reports of the four terrorists. The ammunition they were carrying which had Pakistan marking. The calls traced to Pakistani territory. All establishing that they were Pakistani nationals. It’s for the first time that Pakistani officials couldn’t refute the evidence and are more or less agreed that the attackers came from their country,” said a senior official of NIA.

The probe team was asked to take action against the suspects, including master minds Maulana Masood Azhar, Abdul Rauf, Kashif Jan, Shahid Latif and five others, who planned the attack. The NIA has asked to provide with the DNA samples of suspects from Pakistan.

“We are trying to assist them to make their case in Pakistan stronger, with evidence that is not only irrefutable, but also acceptable by the Pakistani court under the law of the land,” the NIA sources said.

NIA Director General Sharad Kumar said that Jaish-e Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar and his brother Muhammed Rauf engineered the attack. The probe team has not rejected the evidences provided by NIA regarding the involvement of JeM in the attack.

However the evidences provided will have to to go through a Pakistani court trial. all those guilty for the Pathankot attack will be prosecuted in Pakistan. The interaction between the NIA and JIT will end today before they leave back to Pakistan for further investigation and formalities.