Odd-even scheme second phase successful: Gopal Rai

Gopal Rai on odd even scheme, delhi transport minister, environment news

Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai here on Saturday said the second phase of odd-even vehicle restriction plan was again successful as city people were determined to follow it.

“All the 14 nations who have implemented the odd-even scheme never re-implemented it. But it was the people of Delhi who wanted it to be re-implemented,” the minister said during a seminar.

He said the people of the city were co-operating with each other and car-pooled to reached their destinations and also did it while dropping and bringing back children from school.

On April 28, the Delhi Transport Minister had said that recent incidents of fires have contributed to raising air pollution in the city.

As the second phase of the odd-even traffic plan nears its end, the minister also said there were more than twice the number of incidents of fire in Delhi between April 15 and 27 this year as compared to last year.

“The recent fire incidents in the capital have adversely affected the air quality of Delhi,” Rai said.

The second phase of the odd-even scheme, as per different reports, has not brought down the air pollution levels in the national capital. On some days during the odd-even, the air pollutant concentration also increased, according to data.

Speaking of fire incidents at the Bhalswa and Ghazipur landfill sites, Rai, referring to a probe committee report on the fires, said the fires could have been avoided though the real reason of the fires was methane gas.

However, with regard to the fire at the Yamuna flood plains, Rai expressed his apprehension that it was not an accidental case. He stated that some one could’ve done it purposefully. Referring to the probe committee report, he said the fire incident at Yamuna flood plains could only occur after someone started a blaze.

On Thursday April 21, fires broke out at north Delhi’s Bhalswa area, the Ghazipur landfill site and the Yamuna flood plains opposite Rajghat.