Officials held hostages in Varnasi prison


A jail riot in Varanasi broke out injuring at least 12 people including the officers and when captives attacked prison guards and held  hostage two senior jail officials.

Jail Superintendent Ashish Tiwari and another senior official Vijay Kumar Rai are being held hostage by the prisoners and Deputy Jailer Ashish Kumar has been seriously injured.

It all started with a quarrel between a prison guard and an inmate, Naga Yadav. Soon, all the  prisoners ganged up against a handful of prison guards and attacked them.

As they went on rampage, prison officials resorted to firing in the air to prevent them from breaking out of the barracks.

Several blanks were fired. But the situation is yet to come under control. Security forces’ efforts to enter the prison’s premises are yet to succeed.

Senior district officials including Additional District Magistrate (City), Superintendent of Police (City) and police force from various police stations are camping at the violence-hit prison premises.