Pak ‘u-turn’ on Pathankot attack report


Pakistan’s Joint Investigation Team (JIT) alleges that the Pathankot airbase attack was a drama staged by India, and was planned by the Indian authorities to defame Pakistan, claims Pakistani media.

The pakistani report read, “The attack was a drama staged to malign Pakistan and persuade the world community that Pakistan is involved in terrorism.”

The JIT members had visited Pathankot on March 29 to investigate the issue where Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA) officials briefed and showed them from where the terrorists bombed the airbase.

Recent reports from JIT say that they are not convinced by the evidences provided by NIA the previous week and claim that the proofs provided are not strong enough to prove Pakistani involvement.

The report added that the JIT will submit its report on the attack to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif “in the next few days”.

Sources revealed that JIT complained of non-cooperation from the part of Indian government and that India blocked the smooth investigation of JIT.

Indian government sorces said,”This is the ISI, Pakistan army indulging in usual psychological ops and double-speak.”

“The report also raises serious questions over the veracity of Indian claims regarding the Pathankot attack. The JIT has concluded that contrary to the claims of the Indian government about the duration of the encounter, the standoff between the Indian Army and alleged terrorists ended within hours of the attack,” said the source quoting the Pakistan Daily reports.