Pavan K Varma terms PM Modi's Pakistan policy a strategic confusion

[caption id='attachment_272653' align='alignleft' width='400'] Pavan K Varma : JD ( U ) leader and former diplomat[/caption]A day after Pakistan High...

Pavan K Varma terms PM Modi

[caption id="attachment_272653" align="alignleft" width="400"]Pavan K Varma  : JD ( U ) leader and former diplomat Pavan K Varma : JD ( U ) leader and former diplomat[/caption]

A day after Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit said that talks between India and Pakistan were “suspended”, the Congress  took pot shots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's policy towards Pakistan.

“Pakistan adding insult to injury; they have the audacity to 'suspend dialogue' after terror attacks on India. Shame on BJP and Modi,” Congress spokesman Sanjay Jha tweeted.

Comparing Modi to English cricketer Ben Stokes, who conceded four sixes on consecutive balls in the T20 World Cup final against West Indies, Jha posted: “Modi Ji is the Ben Stokes (apologies, my friend) on India's foreign policy, especially with reference to Pakistan.”

“The ultimate laughing stock are those lazy experts who called his 56 inch utterances as 'Modi Doctrine' on foreign policy,” Jha posted on social media.

“All myopic thinking heads who sang paeans on Modi's 'personal chemistry' diplomacy are also part of Comedy Central,” he added.

Jha said he wouldn't be surprised if the Modi government outsources its foreign policy.

“Don't be surprised if this clownish Modi Sarkar, that has caused India the greatest embarrassment post-1947, outsources foreign policy,” Jha said.

Former diplomat and now Janata Dal-United MP Pavan K. Varma called Modi's Pakistan policy as “strategic confusion”.

“The pathetic display of strategic confusion by the BJP government towards Pakistan compromises both our national security and international image,” Varma tweeted. (IANS)