Police horse Shaktiman passes away



Police horse Shaktiman which was injured during a BJP rally in Dehradun last month, passed away today. The 14-year-old horse’s left hind leg had to be amputated after it was allegedly attacked by BJP legislator from Mussourie, Ganesh Joshi, near the Uttarakhand Assembly on 14 March, leading to a massive national outrage.

Joshi was arrested and later released on bail for the attack.

An emergency amputation was carried out soon after the attack as it became clear that the horse could die of gangrene from the wound.

Jamie Vaughan, who runs a US-based NGO working for veterinary care in Bhutan, recently visited Reserve Police Lines in Dehradun to take stock of the horse’s condition in the presence of Dr Phiroze Khambatta, Equine Ortho Surgeon of Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Racecourse. Khambatta had conducted the surgery to amputate Shaktiman’s leg.

Last week Shaktiman got a prosthtic limb and shoe imported from US and it started walking.

American national Tim Mahoney had visited Dehradun to deliver a prosthetic limb for the injured police horse.

Shaktiman was a well-trained horse and part of Uttarakhand Mounted Police for years. Across the country, people have stood by it and have demanded that action be taken against the BJP MLA for attacking it.