Politics in relief operations, Did police stop CPIM men from carrying out relief operations?


The political blame game after the fly over collapse in Kolkata acquired new dimension with the CPIM alleging that the Government and the police are stopping its cadres from carrying out relief operations. This comes after the RSS has used the images of their cadres involved in relief operations to score some political points in a state where the first phase of poll is on Monday

The flyover accident which claimed 26 lives has already created huge political controversy with BJP trying to capitalise on the issue alleging that it is the reflection of how both the CPIM led left front and the TMC has been hoodwinking the people by hobnobbing with builders who have bad track records. Work of the ill -fated fly over began during the last left regime

Soon after the accident, the RSS were able to organise its cadres because the accident site is close to their headquarters in North Kolkata.

Jishnu Basu, chief of RSS said, “Our volunteers, numbering about 300, went out and aided the police and the army. We helped clear the debris and carry the dead bodies till professional help had not arrived..”

CPIM on the other hand came out against the police alleging that the way the police stopped its cadres from carrying out relief operations speak volumes about the tacit understanding TMC party is having with the RSS. “The RSS move was keeping elections in mind” said CPIM leader Mohammed Salim

“The RSS has a network in this area of schools, libraries and other organisations through which they spread their message of hatred. After visiting the site, we immediately gave the call for blood donation and other aid. But we were prevented from extending helping by the administration; the RSS, however, wasn’t. We have always maintained that there is a silent understanding between the TMC and the RSS,” added Salim

In response to such accusations RSS chief said, “We are not concerned with politics. This is only to help those in need.”. But the blame game has proved one thing : for political parties are not vary of using human tragedies for furthering their political ambitions