QWERTY effect may influence the products we like

QWERTY_keyboard-r2A new research has found that product names featuring more letters from the right hand side of a typical QWERTY keyboard are preferred more by humans.

Two researchers looked at hundreds of English-product names,brands,movies and books in popular websites such as Amazon, Rotten Tomatoes and Youtube.

On the sites,items with keywords featuring a higher ratio of right hand words are tended to be reviewed more by netizens.

QWERTY effect was already known to cause human a positive response to words from right hand side of the keyboard.

Now, the new study has revealed that the phenomenon is much more widespread than the first thought.

David Garcia, a researcher in the team, told to Sky News that beforehand he did not believe in the QWERTY effect, but then the phenomenon started appearing in set after another.

Linguist Professor Naoimi Baron said that  some letters which appear on the right-hand side of the keyboard such as y, u, i and o are known to be linked with positive words.

Studies have also found that babies names with a higher proportion of letters from the right handside of the QWERTY keyboard has grown popular from the mid 1960s.

A past study published in Psychonomic Bulletin and Review  also drew the similar conclusion  that right hand letters were favoured more by human.