‘Racist Buffoon’ Donald Trump wouldnt get Padma Lakshmi’s vote


Supermodel-actress Padma Lakshmi is the latest Hollywood star to weigh in on the 2016 presidential race. She says she will “try very hard” to stop Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump from being elected as she considers him a “racist buffoon”.

“Even if he wasn’t the racist buffoon that he is making himself out to be, I probably wouldn’t vote for him,” Lakshmi told variety.com.

“But as an immigrant, I obviously don’t see his worldview as mine,” she added.

Lakshmi, who moved from India to New York as a child, said she is particularly bothered by Trump’s controversial views on immigration.

“We are a country of immigrants, so to say you should put a wall up or limit certain ethnicities is sort of antithetical to what this country is about,” Lakshmi said.

“He himself is an immigrant of immigrant decent. Unless you are from the Cherokee nation, your ancestors are immigrants, so you may be an umpteenth generation immigrant but there you are, squatting on someone else’s land,” she added.

The super model, TV personality and author also vented her ire at Trump’s controversial remarks on abortion at an event hosted to promote her new memoir “Love, Loss, and What We Ate: A Memoir.”

“I think he is insane….. I don’t think he really knows what he is saying, I am not even sure he really believes that a woman shouldn’t have a right to choose,” Lakshmi said.

Lakshmi who claims to be a liberal, says even though she has great respect for Bernie Sanders, she is backing Hillary Clinton for the top job, because she is more qualified and experienced.