Re-living the childhood days through “The Jungle Book”


“The Jungle Book” was re-living in the childhood days for the older audience who paid a worth ticket to watch the graphical representation of the fiction by Rudyard Kipling.

Fascinated by the book, the house looked forward to the movie with expectation which was met beyond the creative power.

The movie is filled with brilliant computer animation enough to thrill the young and old movie lovers.

Jon Favreau has not harmed any animals for the shoot but has recreated them with the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) to portray the animals and settings, making it real in front of the eyes.

Wonderfully recreated by a director who knows what he is doing and realistically brushed upon the minutest of the details.

The director has blended the fearsome elements of Shere Khan, the graphical tiger, smoothly along with the lighter touch of Mowgli.

The only human character battling with his graphical counterparts is Neel Sethi, playing the role of Mowgli. Nevertheless the star of the Movie is Shere Khan, the talking tiger voiced by Idris Elba. With such strong physicality, it grabbed the consciousness of the viewers.

In a subtle but fierce take over, Favreau has depicted fire as a ‘red flower’ which a a moral through out the story he depicts that should be handled with care.

The use of 3D has added magical effect to the movie, wherein the audience can place themselves alongside with each sequence.

As the movie ends, the audience take time to get transported from the jungle world to the reality and leaves the theatre taking a deep breath.

The movie has bagged $103.6 million in the first week of the ticket sales.

Note to Parents: Walt Disney “The Jungle Book” is much graphical and musical than the imaginary treat Rudyard Kipling’s short stories has in store for the children.