Shooting the messenger, FB blocks Narada post on Hindu Sanatan Sanstha

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Social media is considered as the vehicle for news dissemination without any editorial control. But groups and people with ulterior motives have been finding it easy to shoot the messenger if the message is harmful to their vested interests.

Facebook has removed a post by naradanews.com after it did a story on the activities of Hindu Sanatan Sanstha. The supporters of the right wing extremist organisation is believed to have reported to Facebook saying that the post is not in accordance with the community guide lines. Facebook promptly took of the post.

Read the story : NARADA NEWS INVESTIGATION: Hindu Sanatan Sanstha’s plot to kill Muslims and Christians

Naradanews.com had after an extensive investigation published a report on how the Hindu Sanatan Sansta is training the youth with an aim to wage a genocidal war against “evil-doers,” a terminology it uses to describe Indian Muslims and Christians.

The story which went online on Monday also unearthed the details of how intelligence reports on the divisive organisation are gathering dust at the police headquarters of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa and the union Home Ministry. Successive state and central governments have also chosen to ignore these explosive reports on this organisation.