Thunder showers in Telangana; much relief from scorching heat


In Telangana, thunder showers at a few places in Medak and Hyderabad districts last evening have provided a bit relief to people who are suffering due to severe heat wave for the past few weeks.

However, the heat wave conditions continued to prevail in several parts of the state with maximum day temperatures recording 4 to 6 degrees above normal. Met office issued warning that heat wave conditions are likely to prevail at many places in the state for next two days.

The highest day temperature was recorded at 44.4 degrees Celsius in Niazamabad and Nalgonda, while Adilabad recorded 44.3 degrees during the past 24 hours. Several places in the state are facing acute drinking water shortage due to drastic fall in water levels in major reservoirs.

Severe water shortage has hit not only the villages and towns, where many households do not have piped water, but also the state Capital Hyderabad. Water levels in most of the 14 major reservoirs across the state on the Krishna and Godavari rivers reached dead storage.

Four reservoirs supplying drinking water to Hyderabad have dried up.

According to government reports, the ground water levels have fallen by 2.5 meters till last month. Though the authorities are supplying water through tankers to hundreds of villages and also in towns, the much needed solace is eluding people who are suffering under severe heat wave conditions for the past few weeks as the supply is not able to meet the huge demand.