Uttarakhand crisis: Dissident MLAs’ plea in HC today, decision Crucial for floor test


The petition filed by nine dissident Congress MLA after the Uttarakhand crisis will be heard by the Uttarakhand High Court. The MLAs who set off the political crisis in the state are challenging their disqualification from the state assembly. The fate of these MLAs is crucial in the floor test to be held on 29th decided by the High Court. Supreme Court will take a decision whether floor test should be held on April 29th on 27th of this month. The Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal has disqualified the MLAs when the withdrew support to the Congress government.

The dissident MLAs opposed speaker’s decision claiming that they were not given enough time to respond to the charges and the speaker has failed to provide proof for their alleged anti-party activity. If the court upholds the speakers decision disqualifying the MLAs, then the Congress will have the advantage in the numbers game.

In the 70-member assembly the Congress has 27 members. It has the support of the Progressive Democratic Alliance of six legislators.

On Thursday the High Court quashed the government’s order dismissing the Congress Govt. and asked for a floor test on April 29. But the centre got a reprieve from the Supreme Court yesterday, when it stayed the HC order till April 27 when the case will be heard again. The Court also recorded the undertaking that it would not revoke the presidential order till April 27.