1 kg of hidden gold found, in Spice Jet Dubai-Kochi Flight

Apparently, there has been a discovery of a whole kilogram of gold hid in the lavatory of a Spice Jet flight. The flight was scheduled to fly from Dubai (UAE) to Kochi (India). The gold was taken into custody by the officials concerned after the flight landed at the Kochi International Airport.

1 kg of hidden gold found, in Spice Jet Dubai-Kochi Flight

The chief of crew of a SpiceJet flight from Dubai found one kg of gold hidden in the lavatory after the plane landed at Kochi Airport on Tuesday. The customs authorities have "detained" a passenger, who is suspected to be a courier, in this connection, sources said.

Finding the behavior of a passenger conspicuous, who was using the lavatory frequently during the flight, grew the suspicion, the crew chief checked the lavatory, the sources said.

"A detailed check revealed that gold bars were wrapped in newspapers and stuck behind the tissue box holder in the lavatory," they said.

The gold was recovered from the SpiceJet's SG-18 Dubai-Kochi flight after it landed at the Kochi International Airport.

Sources said the matter has been reported to the customs officials and the gold bars have been handed over to them.

During the flight, they said the crew heard noises of the compartment being opened and closed in the lavatory when the particular individual was inside.

According to the sources, the individual passenger's behavior was suspicious, both during the journey and after landing at the airport.