10 reasons to make Dubai your home

From the culture to the professional boosts, Dubai has never failed to justify the love and trust people have put in this Emirati city. Following are 10 bang on reasons why Dubai calls you to start a life here...

10 reasons to make Dubai your home

1. Love where you stay, live like a free spirit: Standard of Living
One of the primary reasons which tempts people coming from different backgrounds and making them accept this city as their home is definitely the standard of living. General necessities like accommodation, food and clothing are provided in the best form and quality to the people by the Government standards, making life convenient and satisfactory for the residents dwelling here.

2. Safety and Security
Dubai as a home to many people has succeeded in developing a sense of security and safety among the dwellers. Dubai is ranked at #40 on the safety parameter which is undoubtedly very much on the green side of this issue.

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3. Buildings living in the sky: Breathtaking infrastructure
 The infrastructure of Dubai has gone to such a level where it has created a category of its own.
I mean come on, it is the land of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.
Just walking on the streets, along/across the buildings develops a unique feeling of loving the time here. Places like, Dubai Marina, JBR, Sheikh Zayed Road give you the ultimate infrastructure goals, if there had been something like that. Lately, developers have announced plans to build a new tower which will surpass the Burj Khalifa by a notch.

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4. The Culture is in the air
Being the land of the Sheikhs, who mark a unique segment in the regal world, have developed the kind of culture which people like to pursue. The Government has gifted places to the people for outings, drives, get togethers and picnics. A noticeable budget has been invested for the recreational purposes of the residents.

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5. Job Opportunities and Progress Scales
Dubai is presently a home to a lot of people hailing from different countries and backgrounds just because of the sole reason that it offers great job opportunities in terms of professional growth and salary scales. People find a way to come here so that they can facilitate themselves with the progressive job opportunities which makes it easier for them to support their families and have some saving by the end of the day.

6. Tax free
What's the use of staying abroad, away from your family if you're not even able to save enough? Dubai provides the best tax-free investment opportunities to residents who want to live a comfortable and luxurious life. You do not need to pay wealth tax, corporate tax or income tax. While investors get maximum profits on rented out property in Dubai, the benefit of having to pay no tax simply means that a person can save enough money to invest elsewhere.

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7. World class exposure
With the great diversity in the criss cross of work and employees, Dubai is definitely one of the biggest international business fields.
Companies are striving to top various global rankings that have made investment in key economic sectors like real estate, finance, services and hospitality a profitable venture for thousands of individuals.

8.Ease to start up business
Dubai is constantly evolving as a marketing hub,in terms of the size of the market and the number of consumers. It gives an advantage of turning out to be a potential business city which attracts entrepreneurs/companies from all around the globe.

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9.Tourists love it like 
From the vast geographical factors varying from the sand dunes of deserts to the sandy beach spiritualism, Dubai is like a worldly paradise for the tourists. The iconic Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab witness thousands of tourists because of the visual peace they give to the tourists eye.
From sky diving to bungee jumping to zip lining to scuba diving to shopping at the best malls to enjoying the best delicacies in the world, you name it, the city has got it. Looking at this trend, many foreign investors are now investing money in the Emirati tourist business because of the paradise it has become for tourism.
10. Expo 2020
Dubai's preparations for Expo 2020 are in full swing. It's expected to attract almost 30 million visitors in the six-month duration over which the event would be held. This is good news for businessmen looking for avenues to multiply their fortunes which in turn will increment the economic scale of the UAE which will in turn lead to more life opportunities for the citizens residing in the UAE.