17 girls died in Thailand Hostel fire

Wiengpapao in the Chiangrai province of Northern Thailand witnessed a huge fire breakout in a school hostel leading to the burning of the building and also led to the unfortunate death of 17 schoolgirls residing in the hostel building.

17 girls died in Thailand Hostel fire

Seventeen schoolgirls perished in a fire that burned their school hostel to the ground in Wiengpapao, Chiangrai province, northern Thailand, late during the previous Sunday night, according to information provided by the local police.

Wiengpapao Police Station Investigation Officer,Capt Khajornsak Pongtit said five other schoolgirls were seriously injured because of the fire breakout that took place at 11pm at the the disaster destination, Pitakkiatwittaya School.

Though the cause of the fire is still not clear as the investigation is under scrutiny, so there isn't much light on the origination of this unfortunate event.

The school’s administration has announced the closure of the school from Monday to Friday due to the incident which led to several other damages including infrastructure and the safety of students in the building which were present at that time of the night.

The local media situated there reported that the school, which provides hostel accommodation for children from three to 13 years, belonged to a local foundation.

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