5 reasons why GOT Season 6, is turning into the Season of the Starks

With the jam packed season 6 so far and with the tables turning with every passing episode, we bring to you why the 6th season of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones is the season we wanted to see just because deep down we want the Starks to rise again and have a comeback like never before after the innumerable events which led to their scattering and added to their disfigurement as a house.

5 reasons why GOT Season 6, is turning into the Season of the Starks

1. Resurrection of Jon Snow in a world where getting killed is no biggie.
The last scene of the previous season was marked by the death of Jon Snow which happened in an unfortunate event involving a handful of brothers of the Night's Watch  betraying him and stabbing him by forming a conspiracy against the Lord Commander (then) for killing him which blew minds across the whole world connected to Game of Thrones. With the resurrection of Jon Snow in this season, has definitely made people cry out of happiness, smile out of joy, scream out of the sheer excitement. The theory behind his resurrection is still not clear but a lot of people/fan pages/websites have presented their point of plotting and how it might add to the theories and make sense,which are still left incomplete in the show.

2. Brandon Stark, finally.
When we last saw Brandon Stark  in Season 4 he was on a quest with the Reeds and Hodor to meet the three-eyed raven. When he finally meets the raven, our bird-wizard-humanoid friend tells Bran he will fly and the raven will train him. How can he fly if he doesn't have legs or the ability as a human to do so? Season 5 came and went, but, no sights of Brandon Stark.
With season 6 hitting in, we got to see Brandon Stark who now has powers, with scenes showing him seeing the past and discovering a lot about the Stark's history, from Ned Stark's youth to a time when Hodor could speak stuff other than you know, "Hodor".
The season holds a lot of potential while there is full scope for the unfolding of Bran's powers and at the same time how will he be using it to aid the House of the Starks.

3. A girl has no name, but we can't stop speaking about her.
At the end of Game of Thrones season 5 finale, Arya went blind. Her blindness was as a punishment for killing Ser Meryn Trant and taking a face from the House of Black and White without permission. Jaqen H'ghar, or the man wearing his face ended up drinking poison and dying, because “only death can pay for life."
We saw a blind Arya and just couldn't move on from the incident of her losing her eyesight.
In Season 6, Arya has been shown sitting like beggars on the street who is often attacked and  smacked badly. This continues till Episode 3 when she excels at her senses and gives up the slightest trace of her identity which in turn leads to the restoration of her eyesight.  This sure is accelerating the stats on the graph of the Starks' comeback.

4. A "New Sansa" has risen from the ashes of feebleness and dust of miseries.
Sansa has always appeared to me as someone who just couldn't get along well with the decisions and ended up being in more miseries. The Sansa in the first season and the Sansa now, are completely different personalities in terms of strength, emotional control and attitude. The character has evolved gradually by facing the most terrible encounters from being madly being in love with Joffrey to getting married to Tyrion to getting away with Petyr Baelish to being married and raped by Ramsay Bolton. I personally feel, that she is one character who has gone through so much of oppression and life miseries that somewhere in the journey she has definitely developed the will to fight back and not let her adversities go in vain. In the Season 6 Episode 4, when Sansa and Jon Snow meet, Sansa is this women who believes in standing up for the Starks' existence and for her own womanhood by promoting Jon Snow to snatch back what belongs to the Starks which brings me to the next point.

5. Union of the family.
The latest episode (episode 4) is kind of iconic for the GOT brigade because after a lot of watching and a lot more of patience, two Starks finally get to meet. Jon Snow and Sansa Stark meeting at Castle Black renews an emotion of sibling love and how they've missed the old times growing up sharing their stories and struggles and what kind of life edgy situations they've pranced out of. When Jon Snow expresses a sentiment of giving up/ running away from the dark reality around him, Sansa lends her hand as a support and we get to see the greatest emotion of sibling love to unite. Sansa being a changed personality now encourages Jon Snow to take back Winterfell and raises his morale to fight back and make Ramsay pay back every possible damage he has inflicted on the Starks.
The North truly remembers and every fan out there caught up in this show definitely believes in the North too.

There are many more episodes which are going to decide the fate of the Starks but at the same time seeing the individual progress of the Starks is surely giving chills to the fans across the globe and is making the weekly wait like a decade at this point of time.