AAP government spent Rs 16 lakh a day for advertisments

AAP government spent 15 crore for advertisements in the last three months

The AAP government spent 16 lakh rupees for advertisements in print media. In a reply to RTI the government has spent 15 crore during the 91 day period till May 11.

Even publications from  Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Odisha got advertisements from   the Kejriwal government where the AAP is a formidable force

The Delhi government disbursed a total amount of Rs 14.56 crore for advertising excluding broadcast from February 10 to May 11, according to a reply provided to a RTI query by advocate Aman Panwar.

The Delhi government spent around five crore for its odd-even scheme

opposition congress have come down heavily against AAP for what it called overspending for advertisement

“On one hand we don’t have money to pay salaries to sanitation workers, on one hand we don’t even have money to pay for pension but on the other they are spending huge amounts  for self publicity,” Congress leader Ajay Maken said.