Abu Dhabi food inspectors begin pre-Ramadan checks

With the beginning of the month of Ramadan, health officials have started the necessary inspections which are to be made on food joints, restaurants and other eateries to ensure the continuous supply of hygienic food supplication during the month of Ramadan.

Abu Dhabi food inspectors begin pre-Ramadan checks

Health officials in Abu Dhabi have carried out a series of inspections at food establishments located across the city before the month of Ramadan begins.
This food inspection has been brought into implementation to ensure the hygienic supply of food to be delivered by the various eateries so that the food which is served during iftar/sehri to the people fasting, should be completely hygienic and its preparation should abide all hygienic measures for the convenience of the people.

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has inspected over 14,736 outlets located in various parts of the United Arab Emirates, out of which 8,881 happen to be established in the city of Abu Dhabi.

Since January, no food establishments have been shut down for health and safety violations, as reports say.

A spokesman for the authority said the inspections aimed to raise food sector workers’ awareness of hygiene practices to ensure the health and safety of consumers.

By carrying out an initiative to spread awareness, the importance of food hygiene can surely be flourished among the people as well as the food sector workers as it is important for the consumers and the sellers to proceed without any sort of inconvenience of bad hygiene, unclean measures of preparation, proper packing and serving to the consumers.
With Ramadan approaching, the residents surely don't want to miss out on the favorite dishes which are more celebrated during this grateful month which involves fasting, praying and feasting.