ABVP, Jadavpur university and 'Buddha in a Traffic Jam'

Planned disturbance?

ABVP, Jadavpur university and

In the speech that Vivek Agnihotri, director of Buddha in a Traffic Jam, gave at Jadavpur University the other evening he talks about the greats India has given birth to: Chanakya, Krishna, Gandhi, Subhas chandra bose, Sardar Patel....and here it is...Narendra Modi. Yeah. Him.

This guy got to screen his film, despite lacking permission. No damage was done to his car or to his person.
The audience was brought/bought in: some students, mostly goons, all BJP/RSS cadres. I have heard them speaking only in mother-and-sister invoking language. The organization behind the screening, the ABVP, has no unit or presence in the JU campus. There is no known ABVP member in JU. Everybody connected to the event came from outside the university. Yet, the students of Jadavpur University are being criticized for being intolerant by showing black flags, shouting Azaaaaaaadi slogans, and for generally, talking back at a purely politically-motivated event?

Ram! Ram!

Vivek Agnihotri tweeted that, students are trying to attack him

and he made a statement like,

"We started the screening and I asked the leader of the protest to have a cup of tea with me. Then the assistant registrar came from somewhere and asked us to stop the screening. I don’t know what kind of a university it is, they can’t even decide whether the film can be shown or not shown,”

This maybe a trick make more publicity for his film, But the witness clearly saying that the people who conducted the function have their own agenda to propagate.

in JNU row Agnihotri stated that ' some universities are promoting sinister politics and intellectual terrorism'

So the picture is clear about it.