Acute water shortage affects Rajasthan's wildlife sanctuaries

Water scarcity in wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan is killing animals and forcing them into human habitations.

Acute water shortage affects Rajasthan

Rajasthan’s forest department claims that it is spending Rs.77 lakh on supplying water in wildlife sanctuaries amidst animal rights activists’ words to call it inadequate effort.

Summer brings back water scarcity on the planet followed by human-wildlife conflict. With the onset of summer, Rajasthan here again witnessing water deficit. It hits the state’s wildlife sanctuary causing death of animals and forcing them into human habitations, an expert has said.

"Water scarcity is forcing wild animals to stray into villages. According to our estimates over 150 panthers have lost their lives due to water and food scarcity in the wildlife sanctuaries in the last one-and-a-half years. The situation is going to become critical in the next two months", Babulal Jaju, the in-charge of People for Animals (PFA) in the state, told IANS.

Rajasthan treasures two tiger projects, a bird sanctuary and over 25 wildlife sanctuaries. The forest department claims its spending Rs.77 lakh on supplying water through tankers and tube wells in wildlife sanctuaries.

He further added, "Rs.77 lakh is a meagre amount. It’s hardly adequate and just a fraction of what is needed," Jaju said, adding animals need water not only for drinking but also far bathing and playing.

With temperatures soaring, several small water reservoirs have become parched while others are on the brink of drying up.

This is a matter of great concern as every summer comes up with the same problem. In order to end the sufferings of these wild animals, the state government should come up with a permanent solution.
Water can put an end to this human-wildlife conflict.