Ahead party congress, North Korea bans weddings and funeral functions

Undeterred by international sanctions and criticism against its policies North Korea recently banned weddings and funerals. This, according a report in London Daliy Mail is part of the preparations for the party congress

Ahead party congress, North Korea bans weddings and funeral functions

News from North Korea, is very hard to come by, whenever it comes out one wonders whether they are encountering a reality of   what George Orwell has wrote in his dystiopian novel 1984. The fictional state of Oceana in the novel was in perpetual war . In North Korea many of the slogans of the 1984 novel found resonance. Like in the novel here also war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.

Latest in the list of controls that the state imposed on citizens are  ban on marriage and funeral functions. This is done when international community has isolated the country with political and economic sanctions. The new control reports say is temporary and is part of the preparations for the Party Congress.

The ruling Worker’s Party of Korea, headed by the country's leader, Kim Jong-un, is due to stage the first gathering of its kind for 36 years on Friday.

Free movement in and out of the capital has also been forbidden and there has been an increase in inspections and property searches, Daily Mail reported

The last party congress was held in 1980, during which Kim Jong-un’s father - Kim Jong-il - was confirmed as the successor to the state’s founder, Kim Il-sung.

The party congress are used by leaders to cement their control over the state

In March, the UN Security Council approved its toughest sanctions yet on the nation, with an aim to withhold funds being used to finance the state’s nuclear and ballistic missile programmes, following a series of military tests this year.

International  sanctions have worsened  North Korea’s  economic woes.