Angry after Rishi Kapoor's comments on Gandhis, Congress names toilet after him

Furious after veteran actor Rishi Kapoor's comments against the Gandhi family and naming of places after their family members, the Congress party has named a public toilet after the actor. Rishi Kapoor reacted by saying that he is thrilled.

Angry after Rishi Kapoor

Furious after Rishi Kapoor's scathing attack on the Gandhi-Nehru family, Congress workers have named a public public toilet in Allahabad after the Bollywood actor. Rishi Kapoor had earlier ruffled a few feathers after he questioned the decision to name the countries assets like roads, museums, stadiums, airports etc after the Gandhis. "Baap ka maal samajh rakha hai kya? (Do they consider the entire country their father's property?)"  he had remarked on twitter.

After learning of the development, the veteran actor, Rishi Kapoor, reacted sating: "I am thrilled". He said that he was glad that he will be of use to people unlike Congress loyalists who are good for nothing. Rishi said he takes pride in the fact that the Sulabh Shauchalaya is named after him because it is the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pet project right now, Mid-Day reported.

“If the names of prominent roads in the capital Delhi can be changed, why not names of the Congress assets/property? We must name important assets of the country after those who have contributed to the society," Rishi Kapoor had tweeted, adding: "Why is it Indira Gandhi International Airport, why not after the names of Mahatma Gandhi or Bhagat Singh or BR Ambedkar or on my name Rishi Kapoor. What say?"

In the defense of the Gandhis, Congress workers in Allahabad stated that naming of public assets after the Gandhi family was justified as the country prospered under them and got its freedom due to them.

A group of Congress workers gathered in Shivaji Park in Allahabad and placed a board of Rishi Kapoor's name outside a Sulabh Shauchalay toilet. There had been massive protest outside his house in Mumbai after he made the comment on Twitter. He was called " parochial " and power hungry by Congress leaders.

Also, it was alleged that Rishi Kapoor is doing nothing but trying to enter the good books of PM Narendra Modi. Anupam Kher, another supporter of PM Narendra Modi also backed Rishi Kapoor.