Apple CEO launches updated version of “Modi App”

Maiden visit to India, Tim Cook launched an updated version of the "Narendra Modi Mobile App"

Apple CEO Tim Cook  met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at this official residence in New Delhi on Saturday.  He also launched an updated version of the “Narendra Modi Mobile App” in Modi’s presence.

Modi showed his appreciation about the new version of the app in a tweet. “Thank you @tim_cook! Friends, welcome and happy volunteering. Your views and efforts are always enriching.”  tweeted.

“Thanks PM @narendramodi for a great meeting. Already looking forward to next visit to India. Best wishes on the app!” Cook reciprocated.

Modi is reported to have said that the updated app is  a very lively and enriching forum and will help in connecting with a large number of people in the country and abroad to keep abreast with their views. He also urged people to download the app so that they can stay connected.

The app also contains a new feature ‘My Network’  that empowers citizens to contribute towards making change. This section will consist of thoughtful forums where app users can share their ideas, views and discuss it with a wide range of people.

The app for iPhones and iPad was first launched in April 2012.