Apple CEO Tim Cook socializes with people during surprise Dubai visit

The CEO of the world�s largest information technology company, Apple Inc. came down to visit the Dubai retail store, where he shook hands and took selfies with customers and employees. Tim Cook after completing his first official visit to India on Saturday where he met the Indian PM Narendra Modi, the Apple CEO surprisingly took a visit to the UAE.

Apple CEO Tim Cook socializes with people during surprise Dubai visit

Apple opened its first retail store in the UAE last year, with one in Dubai and another in Abu Dhabi.  Cook said it was important for the company, which has over the past 15 years driven the consumer electronics industry with a number of trendsetting devices including the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, to have a consumer presence in the Middle East, according to sources.

“It’s important to have a retail store in key markets,” he said. “Not every market can support one but Dubai can clearly support more than one, so it’s great to be here.”

When Tim Cook was asked to what he thought of those who no longer considered Apple as an innovation leader based on a study reflecting the fall in quarterly results announced in April and showing the company's first revenue fall since 2003 , Cook said the company still has the best line-up of products on the markets, which was what the company wanted to achieve. The overall revenue has dropped 12.8 percent to $50.6 Billion.

“What we are focused on is delivering the best products that really enrich people’s lives. That’s the benchmark that we measure ourselves to. We don’t measure it to selling the most or even being first. We don’t measure to that. We’d rather get something right,” he said. “We didn’t have the first Mp3; we didn’t have the first tablet; we didn’t have the first smartphone; we didn’t have the first smartwatch. Being the first or selling the most isn’t the macro objective. Our North Star is to create the best products, and I feel we’re doing that and doing that really well.”

Apple isn’t looking forward to announce any new products until later this year, as stated by analysts , although the company will be holding its annual World Wide Developers Conference in June. The conference is known for announcing new services, such as the 2015 announcement of Apple Music. Media rumors say the iPhone 7 could be launched this autumn.

For the future, Cook said he’d like to see technology do more to “help lift people up,” saying that technology is about of giving power to many people and “empowering people to do something they couldn’t do otherwise.”

He also sees a role for technology in helping with many of the world’s problems.

“I think if you look out and you think about some of the world’s biggest problems today, technology should be a part of the solution of all of that,” Cook says. “That’s why we get up in the morning. The world has lots of big challenges and some things which are basic are also profound, like feeding people and clean water and clean air and trying to get people to live better longer. I think we can play a role in many of them.”

Well, Tim Cook is surely a man of great ideas and approach as his words speak on behalf of his personality. His vision for the company, the message which he wants to deliver on behalf of Apple Inc., surely has a lot of meaning to it and the huge number of people associated to this brand have always looked up to the company, in terms of facility, convenience, innovation and satisfaction of product.